Whether you work alone or act on behalf of a company or a corporation, hiring a freelance writer can bring many benefits.These professionals can create convincing sales-letters and newsletters that focus on selling your products and services directly.

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When you hire freelance writers it may even result in improved direct sales. Freelancers can help you build an effective marketing strategy by creating ads, catalogs, brochures and a lot more. A company blog is an integral part of any social media and content marketing strategy. However, finding the right person to write your company blog can be challenging.

Last but not least,blogging is a skill that is very different from other forms of writing. Hiring an experienced blogger, either as a freelancer or an employee, can help turn your company blog into an effective brand building tool.Here your Top 10 website hiring freelance writers your blog and website:

1) Freelancer

Freelancer a major online marketplace,it is a great choice for small businesses. In fact that there are over 10 million registered freelancers means that you will have no problems finding professionals who can do the writing tasks for you. You can share your project within seconds and you get to pay for it once you are satisfied with the resulting work.

2) HireWriters

As one of the most popular sources of Hire Writers work, Hire Writers is the website where you can find many candidates that are willing to write newspaper articles, magazine articles, online articles, newsletters, public relation materials and a lot more.And also you will get any topic custom written for you in as little as 3 hours by our writers and You can have articles written, articles re-written, have text proof-read for you, get people to research topics or even get your concepts, ideas or suggestions well written and documented in clear English.

3) Fiverr

You are probably already heard about Fiverr. It is a global online marketplace where you can find people offering their services, called gigs, for as little as $5. Currently, this marketplace offers more than 1.3 million services, many of them related to content writing.So you can find people who already have a lot of experience and are considered top rated sellers, which means they able to help delivery your website or blogger contain look more details in various details.

4) LinkedIn Jobs

If you’ve already got a LinkedIn profile (and you really should), don’t just let it sit there.  Many will be location-based, but who’s to say you can’t approach these employers with a proposal for freelance writing services? Networking goes a long way in the freelance world, and LinkedIn is a great resource to do some networking through common connections.

5) Odesk

Odesk is another site that works similarly to Elance, but freelancers are expected to track their work using a special tool which verifies their reported time.You will get amazing results working and you can hire with the best programmers, designers, writers and other top online pros. Hire freelancers with confidence, always knowing their work experience and feedback from other clients.

6) Scripted.com

Scripted is a popular content company that offers blog posts starting at $39 and tweets starting at $2.Scripted website also have a trusted by big and small businesses such as Adidas,ReadyTalk,Linked, Loreal,Eventbrite and etc.

7) Writer Access

A website where you can find thousands of  writers that are always at the ready to provide you with content on a variety of topics. It also allows you to manage the workflow and place new orders for writers that meet many  qualifications. At the same time, you also can be a write to someone else as you know about their topic and make some money.

8) Textbroker

Textbroker is a your partner for high-quality, customized content  the foundation of every good content marketing strategy. As the world’s leading online platform for unique content, they  have both the knowledge and the means to make any marketing project successful.And also the online content is not just unique, well-written and focused on a specific target group, it is also search engine optimized with keywords, headlines, clear structure and useful links

9) Twago

Twago a platform that you can create a project and list the details, as well as the qualifications you require. That way, you know that only those with the necessary qualifications will submit their quotes.With that you also can find your project as you can help people for their website and you also easy to make the final decision on a freelance writer for your project.

10) MediaBistro

Media Bistro an online community for writers as well as a job board. This is one of the more expensive places to publish a company blogger job, but the quality of applicants is likely seems to be higher than any website that in top list but the quality and confidence, always knowing their work experience and feedback from other clients.


In this top 10 list you may be find any website may be your first choice and other may say yes to the list.Last but not lease everyone have different taste so even any website we have our own opinion on the website and the writers so if they are not on this list, they are probably not worth considering. We’ve done the work for you and picked out the true gems out there, you just have to see which one you prefer.

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