CAKES!!!! Its a best dish to kid to adult.Its soft,creamy and spongy sometimes its hard.Some people love decorate cakes but not good in baking cakes ,some people know how to bake cakes but don’t know how how to decorate the cake and there is professional know A to Z baking and decorating cakes well.I love go to baking shop and buy a piece of moist chocolate cake for every week.

Its really a wonderful date with the cake and me.Really mean that time with cake and my girlfriend try steal it even she have same cake with her.Cake has many times and the taste is different. My sister always tells me every cake has its special when its make the special will give a good view with the decoration and the taste that has been made.Here some type of cakes that’s most people interested to eat :

Layer cakes


The most classic cakes i ever like most, from birthday cakes to red velvet cake to even carrot cake, fall into the category of shortened cakes. Usually, layer cakes are prepared with Creaming method which means that the soft butter and sugar are beaten together in an electric mixer to partially dissolve the sugar and to incorporate some air. Then the dry and wet ingredients are added in alternating doses.Before its speared to the cake make sure the cake cut into slice and same size to maintain the cake balance.

Unbaked cakes


Unbaked cakes are that not require to baking at all. It is a  category which would include desserts such as no-bake cheesecake, ice cream cakes and icebox cakes. It’s more the construction and presentation than the ingredients which classify these desserts as “cakes.”

Foam and sponge cakes


Foam and sponge cakes are cakes such as angel food cake, jelly roll-style cakes. Eggs are the name of the game with fluffy foam or sponge cakes.Usually, air is beaten into the eggs (sometimes just the whites, sometimes the whole egg), and then they are folded into the cake tray.

During the baking process, this creates steam in the batter, causing the cakes to rise.Most foam and sponge cakes fall into one of these categories:

Egg whites only

Cakes made with egg whites will be  light, airy and naturally low in fat. Moreover the most famous example of this type of cake is angel food cake.Its really soft like a sponge that u even can roll again and again and eat it.

Egg whites and yolks

Cakes made with egg whites and yolks,which makes for a cake that is richer, but still quite light. Cakes made with both egg whites and yolk are springy and flexible.To make the cake more rich people will add rich strawberry jelly and refrigerate it to make as cold desert.

Flourless or low-flour cakes


There is many flourless cakes are actually a version of foam or sponge cakes. Which make them to  get their “lift” primarily from eggs. However, to give  completely different character, these types of cake deserve a category of their own.

So are you interested to bake cake care for your loves one but don’t know were to get the knowledge?Place your comment below with any tips and more about cakes to the world know and click to description below to know get more cake recipes and secrets about cakes: