In previous topic i have been talk about Which one should you get: iPhone 7 or Samsung Galaxy Note 7?.The good news for Samsung lover who waiting for Note 7,Samsung is nearly ready to begin shipping a new batch of Galaxy Note 7 devices that don’t suffer from the “isolated battery cell issues” that led to a worldwide recall just one week ago. When the replacements received by customers,the Note 7 box will be with a new label that clearly marked that the battery inside the phone is save.You will able to see a stickers that will show as white bar-code label and more identifier with a blue S in the middle or side of the sticker.The sticker will look like image in below:

Note 7 replacement box
Illustration purposes only

That’s will make to customer and retailer more easier which Note 7 don’t pose a risk when you looking at the package.Samsung did’t making any different to the design and the shape but instead Samsung create a database where customers can input their IMEI / MEID and verify that they have a phone from a safe batch.Your IMEI is located on the box barcode, but you can also access it with a few methods on the device itself:

IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) is a unique 15-digit serial number given to every mobile phone which can then be used to check information such as the phone’s Country of Origin, the Manufacturer and it’s Model Number.

There are different ways to locate the IMEI number, as listed below

■ For Sealed Phones (non-removable cover or battery)

  • Step 1: Turn your phone over.
  • Step 2: The Model Code, Serial Number and IMEI are printed at the back of the device.
Image Source:Samsung