VR headset is a  virtual reality headset provides immersive virtual reality for the wearer. VR headsets are widely used with computer games but they are also used in other applications, including simulators and trainers.They comprise a stereoscopic head-mounted display (providing separate images for each eye),stereo sound, and head motion tracking sensors (which may include gyroscopes, accelerators, structured light systems,etc.) Some VR headsets also have eye tracking sensors and gaming controllers.

Many people don’t know what is the function of VR headset.VR headset has 3 different ways that is :

Head tracking

Head tracking is a when you wear a VR headset, the picture in front of you shifts as you look up, down and side to side or angle your head. A system called 6DoF (six degrees of freedom) plots your head in terms of your x, y and z axis to measure head movements forward and backwards, side to side and shoulder to shoulder, otherwise known as pitch, yaw and roll.

Motion tracking

Motion tracking with VR headset is a like sensor which will give VR players fell they still working out motion tracking. When you look down with a VR headset on the first thing you want to do is see your hands in a virtual space.Head tracking is one big advantage the as-yet unreleased premium headsets have over the likes of Cardboard. But the big VR players are still working out motion tracking. When you look down with a VR headset on the first thing you want to do is see your hands in a virtual space.

Eye tracking

Well eye tracking is an infrared sensor monitor’s your eyes inside the headset so FOVE knows where your eyes are looking in virtual reality. The main advantage of this is apart from allowing in a game characters to more precisely react to where you’re looking is to make depth of field more realistic.

As we read the articles above this three VR headset functions make pretty cool when using it.Even there is a research going on with driving car using VR headset and VR headset also can be connect to Drone to look top view as you fell on top the sky.So what waiting here the list that best drone with best price that you can purchase and use and fell it.

Turbot VR Virtual Reality Headsets 3D Glasses with Adjustable Head Straps For 3D Movies and Games


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Wondrous Virtual Theater with best VR headset turns your smartphone into a 3D theater to obtain a shocking visual experience just like that you’re watching movies on a giant screen in theater, and provides a super-immersive environment.Max Comfortable Fit: Adjustable T-shape strap of large elasticity can fit different head sizes for a great comfort and security.

VR Glasses,ELEGIANT Smart Virtual Reality Headset Goggles Box


Fit everyone’s eyes ,adjustable focal and pupil settings for the best 3D experience, even to those near-sighted.Turn your smartphone into a virtual reality viewer. Enjoy real 360° videos and immersive world of VR from the comfort of your home.Whenever you want to enter virtual reality, just take your smartphone, slide it in the VR WORLD, and you’re in. It’s that simple.It’s easy to transport yourself with the VR WORLD. Whether you want to play a game, take a virtual vacation, or watch a movie, the possibilities with VR WORLD are limitless.

3D Movies Games VR Headset w/ iOS Android Bluetooth Remote Controller


Prepositive board grids radiator design to keep your phone won’t be overheated Wide range pupil distance adjustment, this headset suits for both kids and adults Accessories Comes with a wireless remoter for controlling the movie broadcasting or playing 3D games conveniently. Support iOS and Android OS both.

Google Cardboard V2 with Straps by D-scope Pro Virtual Reality Compatible with Android&Apple


Best visual and experience a truly stunning, engrossing VR experience with cinematic HD visuals from your smart phone’s screen using the included biconvex lenses offering a 37 mm focal length for the best visuals QR codes with instantly play, the D-scope Pro V2 includes QR codes for fast access to the to a range of fantastic VR ready experiences from games to scenic tours.Unlike cheaper Google Cardboard sets and printed card alternatives, the D-scope Pro (TM) V2 is machine printed for super precise, tough construction, for robust use!

So here the list which VR headset will suit for you and if need a trial how it fell you also can purchase the most cheap VR headset with $11.99 Google Cardboard V2.If you need purchase a bag for keep your VR headset safety and without any scratches try this cases before its end sold off!!.

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Luxebell 3D VR Headset Bag


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Last but not least VR headset is the best virtual world in this era,however this technology might be go far as becoming a contact lens virtual reality as a prediction.Lets get to the virtual reality world and make your life fun and next let me bring you amazing of Drone and who and how to use it.Just leave a comment below if you have VR headset how you fell let the world know about your experiences with VR headset.