Hi guys such a few week holidays i have been through with my family and friends.So im here with new topic what i discover when i was in holiday season.Photo manipulation and retouching effect using photoshop.This website was discover by my uncle in a website that his profesor show to him.He is a drawing lecturer in a one of the university in my place.He recomemded this website to all his student to use as advace learning for photomanipulation.What is about it i ask to him he explaim me that this totorial will teach us how to make real human face into cartoon charecter and same we can do it to an object and its like caricature.

It sounds cool when he show all his design that he was done by him and i was inspired and started share to my few friends and they  also impressed with the website.Its all about just retouching and editing the image and we will get the image look like cartoon,changing colour mood,background changing,color grading, and much more.It also can be edited in many character way that we like.So here a sample how does it works and which tool to make it.


See the result from the image to cartoon image.Has you see the normal image has been change to a background image with a ghost at the back with scary situation face.The tutorial takes 180 minutes to 200 minutes to comple the final stage.It also provide a video as advance tutorial.



This will be the tutorial look a like with full layer at the side edge so we can follow the image and video to make our own image as we like.Sound really great when we can make and learn about it and make money but editing for others and teach others how to make it.

So from that time until now i was learning with my uncle how to make it realistic and awesome so guys if you interested in this image editing don’t hesitate to click in the click below to create make your image more fantastic than this until that peace out guys hope you enjoy creating your own self cartoon face.