HI guys in previous topic i talked about Top 10 Website Hiring Freelance Writers For Your Blog And Website.The article gave me many knowledge about online writing service.I just think what if some one did’t want to make the way to online hiring and wanted an idea for their website write at their own.One of my friend told me there is 2 person idea change his writing skills very much and he is online freelance writer and the person is mention to me is :

Ron Douglas who stay at New York Times Best Selling Author who’s sold over one million books and eBooks and been featured on Fox News, Good Morning America, and in People Magazine. And his partner  Alice Seba, a work at home mom who happens to be one of the foremost content marketing experts online with over 20,000 satisfied customers who buy her content over and over again.

Together helped their students all over the world learn how to earn a living from their writing. And through our interaction with them, they discovered 3 secrets that separated the successful writers from the frustrated, broke, and unemployed.

Once he told me and show me the 5 great book that’s make mind mind blow up its such a awesome book than contain about how writing skills make money while we sitting at home anywhere around the world with internet assess.

There is 5-Part Training Modules which my friend gave to me and it teach me everything what i need to know how to earn money by at home and the skills which paid me


Module 1: Writing Markets


Module 1: Writing Markets

This is the place everyone should start with these course modules. There are so many opportunities to turn writing into a full-time career. This module includes 34 of those markets and gives you ideas approaching them as a freelancer, as a service-based business and even includes ideas for earning passive income.



Module 2: Get Paid Now


Module 2: Get Paid Now

If you’re new to writing for pay, this is a great place to start. This module will show you where to find writing jobs online and includes tips for getting the job and getting repeat work.





Book 3: Long Term Work


Module 3: Long Term Work

Establish yourself as a full-fledged writing service and have clients come to you. This module shows you how to set yourself apart from the competition, price your services effectively, set up your website and get steady stream of clients.




Book 4: Passive Income


Module 4: Create Passive Income

Now things are getting really good. It’s time to move from trading hours for dollars to earning income through writing you do over and over again. This module may have you exploring new niches or working to create passive streams of income from your existing writing business. It’s all up to you.This module shows you how to find or rediscover your niche, grow your biggest passive income asset and more.



Book 5: Improve Your Skills


Module 5: Improve Your Skills

Here’s where you take things to a new level. Persuasive writing is a skill that not every writer naturally possesses, but it’s critical, no matter what type of writing you’re doing. Whether you’re trying to engage your audience or sell your products and services, persuasive writing plays an important role.This module teaches you how to develop those persuasive writing skills and helps you establish your authority within your niche.


So when you’ll be able to gain your writing skills you will:

  • Cut your learning curve and eliminate confusion of making money in the writing market.
  • Save time searching through endless job listings and sites. We’ll show you how to find the best jobs and ignore the rest.  
  • Quit worrying about where your next job is coming from. We’ll show you to gain a steady stream of work and repeat clients. 
  • Stop dealing with unreasonable client demands and stop being taken advantage of by unscrupulous publishers. You’ll learn how to market yourself so that business comes to you.

So this is the 5 book that i have read and still gaining my knowledge from this book.

Last but not least I have the link below were you can find for more details about writing skills much more.